The Story is a family owned and operated business. After eight years in a previously successful partnership buying antiques and artifacts throughout Asia, Latin America, and parts of Africa, Rusty Davidson and Diane Latour chose to set up a permanent exporting business out of Bali, Indonesia in 1988.

Drawn initially by the lush tropical paradise and smiling, warm-hearted people of Bali, the couple soon realized the potential due to the natural, artistic inclination in the village communities. Having already started on a new family with their boys Dustin and Jesse — themselves currently full-time employees — they decided to start a line of children's clothing; in part, because of their own difficulty in finding fun, affordable, quality kids' clothes.

The challenges of starting the export business were well rewarded as the bonds grew between the Davidson family and the local villagers that have come to rely on the employment and benefits the exporting business has provided. Today, the Balinese employees of enjoy decent working conditions, job security, fair wages, medical insurance, and shelter from inflation due to local economic downturns.

As the family continues to explore the far reaches of Asia, new treasures will appear in the product lines. The merchandise currently available in the website are those goods which have stood the test of time of quality control and artistic appeal. As new products are developed and achieve the quality assurance approval, the website selection will expand.

Stay tuned for an even more exciting, lively assortment of quality clothes and goods as the splendid craftsmanship of the Balinese are brought to you by way of this wonderful virtual world!



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