's Frequently Asked Questions

Balizoo's Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Your kites look amazing! Do they come with instructions?

  1. Yes, we provide instructions and troubleshooting in a downloadable PDF document requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader to view it.
    Once your Adobe Acrobat program opens the file, just press print for a hard copy.
    If you don't know what Adobe Acrobat Reader is and would like to have it, it's free and here's the link to download it >>> Adobe Acrobat Reader free download <<<


Q. Bamboo Kites? Tell me more.

  1. Our kites consist of 100% nylon material over bamboo structures. The bamboo is very lightweight and offers a superior flying experience unlike any other traditional kite you may have flown. The bamboo is a sturdy construction for kites and allows for heavier crash landings. The bodies of each of the animals (butterfly, eagle, and dragon) are also made of bamboo. The dragon kite is slightly more fragile due to its Styrofoam mouth.


Q. The kites look incredible in design and color. Do you print screen them?

  1. No, each kite is individually hand painted by Balinese artists. Each is a very unique and original work of art!


Q. I received a Coupon in an email from you. How do I use it?

  1. Place your order by adding items to the cart and entering all information as usual. Upon checkout, you will see a text box entitled "Special Instructions". Please place your Coupon Number there and we will see to it that your order is deducted the appropriate amount represented on your Coupon. In the unfortunate event that we miss the deduction,  please contact us immediately via email and we will attend promptly to crediting your account.  


Q. How do I tell what kinds of sizing or measurements you've chosen with each of your products?

  1. See all measurements for each garment in our Sizing Chart 

>>> Adobe Acrobat Reader free download <<<


Q. How does the JAKPAC convert into a backpack?

  1. Convert your jacket into a pack through the jacket collar. All jackets come with reversible YKK zippers.

  2.  'JAKPAC' Jacket that Converts to Backpack Instructions


Q. How does the Hat convert into a carrying bag?

  1. Convert your Hat into a bag by pulling the strap out through the beak.


Q. Where are your clothes made and where do you get your cotton from?

  1. All the clothing that we sell is made in Bali. The cotton we use is 100% U.S. Cotton that we ship to Bali. Read more about our longstanding relationship with the Balinese people >>> Our Story <<<


Q. I see your clothes come in 2-piece and 3-piece Sets. What if I want an extra pair of pants or what if my child's measurements are slightly different than what's included in your Sets (ie. I need a Size 4 Jacket but a Size 6 pants)?

  1. See our >>>  JAKPAC Separates Section. We've included all the same items there that are included in our JAKPAC Sets in order to accommodate various size differences and to make your shopping experience with us a pleasant one. Note: we do not substitute items in our SETS -- you must purchase all items separately if the SET does not meet your specific needs. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Q. Will your clothes shrink or will the colors run in the wash?

  1. Absolutely not. All clothing is pre-shrunk and colorfast.




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